About Us

Texas Beauty Company sells skin care and beauty products from industry leading brands that address a variety of conditions and seasonal needs, from mineral makeup to advanced anti-aging serums.

The website launched in 2014 to fulfill the need of patient’s orders from our medical spas, Beleza Med Spa which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary of excellent cosmetic achievements. We have five locations based in beautiful Austin, TX. We trust each brand to satisfy and work for our patient’s needs and wanted to offer them to everyone so we grew the website to reach people all throughout North America.


High-Quality Professional Salon Products

Our curated brands are salon-grade quality that address conditions such as acne, aging, discoloration, and sun care.


Focused on Customer Service

We are an authorized buyer of physician-grade salon products. Our products are 100% authentic. We do not carry any brands that we believe to not be beneficial or safe.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide great customer service and help pick the product that works best for your skin type and needs. Our relatively smaller amount of offered brands means that we are knowledgeable on each and every product and have used them ourselves and are here to help.

We want the customer to possess healthy and clear skin that gives them the confidence to radiate every day.