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Brand Spotlight! Colorescience: The Fusion of Suncare, Skincare + Color

In celebration of Colorescience’s most recent product rebrand and website relaunch that took place early this fall, we thought we’d take a minute here at Texas Beauty Company to express our love for the unique qualities of this mineral makeup brand. Colorescience offers a variety of award winning beauty essentials that not only beautify the wearer, but also protects skin from premature aging and sun damage. The company has been gaining traction specifically within the mineral...

8 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Sunscreen

1. Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

There are plenty of SPFs, as low as 2 to upwards of 100, so it can be tricky to guess which is the most effective for you. It is beneficial to know what exactly SPF measures and which number offers the best protection, because unprotected sun expose can lead to early aging and possibly skin cancer.

The SPF ranking quantifies the shielding of UVB sunrays from the skin. UVB sunrays...