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8 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Sunscreen

1. Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

There are plenty of SPFs, as low as 2 to upwards of 100, so it can be tricky to guess which is the most effective for you. It is beneficial to know what exactly SPF measures and which number offers the best protection, because unprotected sun expose can lead to early aging and possibly skin cancer.

The SPF ranking quantifies the shielding of UVB sunrays from the skin. UVB sunrays...

Gross Ancient Beauty Ingredients We're Happy Not to Use Today

All ancient cultures had their own unique beauty customs. Not all of these beauty customers where safe or hygienic. Listed below are some of the grossest beauty ingredients that we should all be very happy we no longer use in today’s society.

Gladiator Sweat- Famous gladiators of Ancient Rome were symbols of ferocious power that fought, sometimes to the death, before the view of thrilled, roaring crowds. The gladiators immediately captivated the attention of Roman women, and soon...