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10 Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

There are a thousand products in the marketplace which purport to anti-aging, returning your face to a youthful look. However, it is important to read the ingredients that were used to produce these products and know the exact ingredient and its benefit for you. In this Article, we list some known ingredients, and in brief explain their purposes.

1 - Moisturizers

Our skins become drier as we get older in our forties. Many factors can be attributed to it, including...

Alpha-Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs): The 3 Fruit Acids Needed for Vibrant Skin

The thought of rubbing acid into your skin does not conjure up a good image, yet it is a completely safe and normal occurrence that many women and men routinely do to keep their skin looking fresh, youthful, and clear. While skimming through the long list of ingredients found on many anti-aging-acne-fighting-skin-smoothing products you’ll notice alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA) and its many forms near the top of the list. This is no mistake as AHAs are becoming more common in cosmetics and skin care treatments due to its ability to significantly and noticeably refine the topmost layer of skin. Let’s delve a bit deeper into what actually is AHA and the top 3 acids defined as an AHA that your skin may be yearning for.